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01 Cemetery Services

Founded in 1899, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the resting place of hundreds of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Recently refurbished to its original splendor, the cemetery attracts visitors from all over the world. Yet it is also an active cemetery and funeral home.

With thousands of spaces available, new mausoleum construction nearing completion, and a vibrant cultural events program the cemetery is more active today than ever in its history.


At Hollywood Forever, we believe it’s time cemeteries offered more than a name and date etched in stone. That is why we have produced thousands of LifeStories™, made from video and film clips, photos, written and spoken words.
Our LifeStories™ specialists work with each family to gather their most cherished memories and assemble a LifeStories™ that captures the essence of a personality and the story of ones life.

Visitors use unique touch screens and consoles throughout the cemetery to view individual LifeStories™. Every LifeStory™ is captured forever as part of our permanent collection. Provided to the family on DVD and VHS, LifeStories™ are also available through the internet at hollywoodforever.com/stories.

Memorial and Burial Options

Hollywood Forever offers a wide range of memorialization options from traditional ground burial to mausoleum interments, to cremation niches and scattering gardens.

For more information about available properties at Hollywood Forever, call 877.844.3837, or  contact us.


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