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01 Cremation

A Growing Trend

Cremation is a personal decision, one that reflects your private views and beliefs. In choosing cremation, there are both philosophical and practical issues to be considered.

Cremation is not new, but its popularity is increasing. More and more individuals are selecting cremation, creating a new tradition for others to follow.

Traditionally, the community’s financially or intellectually elite have chosen cremation. Now, cremation is widely practiced by all segments of our society.

Projections indicate that the cremation rate will reach majority proportions within the next two generations. There are a variety of reasons for this increase. For many people, cremation is just a common sense approach to final arrangements. They find that the simplicity and affordability of the cremation rite is a relief to survivors and helps prevent passing unnecessary financial burdens on to children.

Others who choose cremation are concerned citizens looking toward the future and the eventual scarcity of land.

Whatever the reason for selecting cremation, more and more families are exploring new ways to memorialize loved-ones who have been cremated. A wide range of options are available, some of which are outlined below.

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