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Peter Lorre

1905 - 1964

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Peter Lorre

1905 - 1964

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Subject: the great in the world

peter lorre was the funnyset actor on scean in the raven with this friends like vicent princes and the world well miss you forever always be the best and in the hall of fame from paultaylor 29th 08.2012 07.32

8/28/2012 11:25:00 PM


Dearest Peter, As a boy growing up in Southern California, your were one of my favorite actors. To this day, I still get a thrill just watching you perform. As an actor, you were a genius--but your talents were often unappreciated. There will never be another actor of your caliber. God bless and keep you always, dear friend. W

7/24/2007 10:08:30 PM

Subject: Great Actor, Under Appreciated

Peter Lorre was a great actor. Few appreciated his ability -- he got quickly stereotyped in films, and was limited to, essentially, the one role, for most of his career. -- But, even so, with each role, he found some variation, some slight difference -- so that, while all of his characters seems to come from the same dubious lineage, they were all distinct characters unto themselves. But, if you want to sample the true genius of Peter Lorre you must go to another medium, other than film. Find recordings of his appearances on "Suspense" or other radio shows. Since these were anthology shows, and since the appearance of the character was the creation of the listener's imagination -- Peter could really go to town. Some of his most effective, subtle, creepiest performances were on the airwaves, not on the silver screen. The variety of roles Peter was allowed to play was severely limited by the studio system -- but listen to the old radio shows, and you will catch hear something of the true genius of Peter Lorre.

4/4/2001 10:34:16 AM