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June Mathis

1887 - 1927

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June Mathis

1887 - 1927

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Subject: A brilliant woman

Ms. Mathis, you are an extraordinary and brilliant woman. Some of the best classics the screen has ever seen would never have come to fruitiion without you. In fact, Valentino owed his career to you - had you never mentioned his name for the role of Julio, he may never have been the icon he is. You should be known for the brilliant things in which you created. As you shine up above, please know that you have a fan here. decades after your death. Shine on!

5/23/2005 2:59:03 PM

Subject: June Mathis

She looks so much like my late paternal grandmother that they could have been twin sisters! She seems like such a kind, intelligent and sensitive woman. Blessed is her house and all of her family who dwells therein and may they be many memories of her good deeds she did upon this earth.

2/4/2005 3:59:10 AM

Subject: June Mathis

Anyone seeking more information on June Mathis, or have information to share may contact the Mathis family at the above address.

2/27/2002 2:55:08 PM