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Maude Fealy

1881 - 1971

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Maude Fealy
1881 - 1971

Maude Fealy was born on March 4, 1881, in Memphis, TN, and died on November 9, 1971, in Woodland Hills, CA.

The daughter of actress Margaret Fealy, Maude began her career on the stage as a child. From 1913-14, she was a strong competitor to Mary Pickford.

She married actor James Peter Durkin, and together they formed the Fealy-Durkin Stock Company, performing plays in various cities.

Cecil B. De Mille employed Fealy in most of his sound films including his final masterpiece, The Ten Commandments.

She is quoted as saying, "Actors never give up acting; it gives them up."

Fealy died of arteriosclerosis.