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Joan Perry

1911 - 1995

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Joan Perry
1911 - 1995

Joan Perry was born Elizabeth Rosalind Miller, on July 7, 1911, in Pensacola, FL, and died of emphysema on September 16, 1995, in Montecito, CA.

Once married to actor Laurence Harvey, she was married to Harry Cohn at the time of his death.

Perry began her career as a model, and was signed with Columbia at the same time as Rita Hayworth - at that time, she was told by Harry Cohn that Hayworth would be a star and Perry would be his wife. He was correct on both counts.

Among her 18 films as an actress: Case of the Missing Man (1935), Meet Nero Wolfe (1936), Blind Alley (1939), Maisie Was A Lady (1941), Bullets for O’Hara (1941).