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Rozz Williams

1963 - 1998

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03 Life Stories

Rozz Williams
1963 - 1998

Rozz Williams, 34, singer, lyricist, poet, artist, and musician was known in the early 1980s as the King of Death Rock.

Born Roger Alan Painter, on November 6, 1963, son of Bob and Gladys Painter, adopted the name Rozz Williams, and formed the band Christian Death at the age of 17. Christian Death established a cult following in the United States and Europe with such albums as Only Theatre of Pain, Catastrophe Ballet, and Ashes, revealing the dark side of life.

In 1987, Williams and his wife, Eva O., formed the group Shadow Project in San Francisco, and recorded a total of four albums, with From the Heart being the last studio album recorded by Rozz.

Williams also became interested in spoken-word and performance art, recording and performing under the name Premature Ejaculation, and recording spoken-word albums such as Every King a Bastard Son and The Whorse's Mouth, among others. He was also involved with the bands EXP and Bloodflag. The last project completed was a short film called PIG, directed by Nico B, with Rozz Williams credited for "original story, soundtrack, and starring role." After his death, his life work, including never-before-seen artwork by Rozz, was presented in the book The Art of Rozz Williams.

Rozz Williams died on April 1st, 1998.